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Cold Forming Dies

Drywall Screw Die

Lead-time 20-25 working days after order confirmation
Package standard export package

Drywall Screw, Chipboard Screw, Micro Screw, HTA Screw 


We could produce full set of various fastener forming dies like Drywall Screw, Chipboard Screw, Micro Screw, HTA Screw, Taptite  Screw ... etc including: 


1. Carbide Heading Dies and K. O. Pins

2. First Punch Dies and First Punch Pins

3. First Punch Case and Second Punch Case

4. Screw Header Punch, Screw Recess Punch or Second Punch

5. First Punch Spring and Retainer

6. Cut-Off Die and Cut-Off Knife

7. Wire Feed Rollers

8. Thread Rolling Die


Please indicate the Header Machine Model of Die Case and Length or Screw Size and Length with detail drawing when inquire or order.  

The customized design is available.