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Chipboard Screw Carbide Die

MOQ 1 pce
Lead-time 20-25 working days after order confirmationd
Package standard export package

Chipboard Screw, Drywall Screw, Micro Screw, Customized Screw 

We could produced various tungsten carbide dies.The carbide main die is to form the body of the screw and punches are to form the screw head. For producing different size & style screw, it’s necessary to change different dies & punches. Solid die straight hole, insert die straight hole, insert die header point one section, straight hole, flat or oval head , fillister head, solid die header point, insert dies header point 2 sections, insert die wafer type, undercut binding head, hexagon head, square head or neck.


Please specify the details as follow when you inquire or order tungsten carbide inserted for making different standard of screws:

1. Header machine Die case size

2. Screw wire diameter

3. Screw size & length

It is highly suggested that you send the drawings or screw samples for our reference.