Geng Xin Precision Co., Ltd is the company specialized in various cold forming tools of screw bolt nut manufacture in Taiwan since 2010. The cold forming tools of screw bolt nut we produced for domestic and overseas market including:


  • Cold forming tools of screw bolt nut fasteners including: carbide heading dies, carbide main dies, recess punches, header punches, second punches , screw punches, hexagonal bolt head trimming dies, flat dies, thread rolling dies, segmental carbide punch dies, shear force die, transfer fingers, punches, recess pin punch,Knock out pins, ejector pins , wire drawing dies …etc and customized forming tools manufacture.
  • Cold forging wire flattening rolls for carbide, ceramic and steel to use in carbon steel , cooper , mild steel or FFC wire ..etc production.
  • Cold forming of wire drawing cassette roller dies for round wire forming, corner forming, twisted wire drawing, shaped wire drawing, flux cored wire drawing , welded wire drawing and pipe forming.
  • Machinery & equipment for wire forming working procession and screw bolt nut fastener manufacture.
  • Customization design is also available







We adopt Japan and Switzerland advanced equipment in the manufacturing process. We highly control the original material of the merchandise and the quality of the product.


Microcomputer altimeter

Electronic three inside diameter micrometer calipers

Verticality standard measuring instrument

Two dimension optical image gauging meter

Horizontal-type profile projector

Concentric Gauge


We use high precision equipment from Japan and Swiss in our working procession to supply high quality, competitive price, timely delivery and reliability of products and services to satisfied customers of demand.







Now, we have worldwide customers from Argentina、Austria、Australia、Brazil、Bulgaria、Cameroon、China、Germany、HongKong、India、Kenya, Lithuania、Mexico、Peru、Poland、Slovenia、Switzerland、Romania、Russian Federation、 Saudi Arabia、Turkey、Ukraine、USA, Uzbekistan…etc. We sincerely hope you will be one of them for us to service for you soon.