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  • Micro Screw Die,Customized Screw Dies and Tools

  • Drywall Screw Die, Chipboard Screw Die

  • High Speed Nail Making Machine

  • HTA(Nail) Screw Die, Customized Die

  • Carbide Tool Grinder

  • Tungsten Carbide Die

  • Chipboard Screw Carbide Die

  • Header Punch, Recess Punch, Screw Punch, Phillips Punch

  • Customization Hex-Round Recess Header Punch GXF-091

  • Square Punch GXF-089, Screw Punch, Customized Punch

  • S type Recess Punch GXF-011,Screw Header Punch,Customized Punch

  • Square Slotted Punch GXF-083, Screw Punch, Customized Punch

  • Hi-Lo Screw Thread Rolling Dies, Customized Thread Rolling Dies

  • Customized Mixed Recess Design GXO-009(DIN7991 with DIN7981 )

  • Thread Rolling Dies, Flat Dies, Groove Dies, Customized Dies

  • PPT Thread Screw Rolling Dies, Flat Dies

  • U type Thread Rolling Dies, Thread Rolling Dies

  • Wood Screw Dies with Teeth, Rolling Dies,Threading Dies

  • 9 Grooves Dies, Thread Rolling Dies, Customized Dies

  • Trimming Die with Carbide Inserted

  • Square Head Trimming Die, Trimming Die

  • Oblong Head Trimming Die, Trimming Die

  • Recess Pin Punch, Screw Pin Punch

  • Customized Recess Pin Punch GXF-074, Recess Pin Punch

  • 6 Lobe Recess Pin T55 Q 3.93, Recess Pin Punch

  • Customized Hex Slotted Pin Punch GXF-087,GXF-088

  • Punch, Multi-Die Punch, Customized Punch

  • Profile Punch,Punch,Customized Punch

  • Hexagon Marked Punch, Punch,Customized Punch

  • 1 Die 2 Blow Cold Header Machine with Semi Cover

  • Thread Rolling Machine with Vibrator Mode

  • Ceramic Wire Flattening Rolls

  • Wire Flattening Rolls with Carbide Ring

  • Carbide Wire Flattening Rolls